BHEL Engineer Trainees Written Test Details

1. Written test will consists of 240 multiple choice objective type questions.Test is designed to assess the candidate's Professional ( Technical) Knowledge of the chosen Engineering Discipline and Higher Aptitude covering area like Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Logical thinking, English usage, General Awareness etc.
2. Your performance in this written test will determine possibility of further considerations of your candidature
3. There is a specific time limit for Written Test. Candidate will have to answer 240 questions in 2 hours and 30 minutes.
4. For each question, a choice of few alternative answers have been given, out of which only one alternative is correct. You have to choose the alternative, you think to be correct and indicate your choice on the OMR answer sheet.
5. Your admission to this Test is, however, provisional. The candidates are advised to ensure while applying that they fulfill the eligibility criteria and other requirements and that the particulars furnished by them are correct in all respects for the post applied for. Mere appearance at the Test does not entail you to make any claim for the post. You will be treated as debarred ab-initio in case you do not fulfill the essential eligibility criteria.
6. The Answer Sheet is a special OMR (Optical Mark Reader) sheet.
7. Use BLACK or BLUE Ball point Pen ONLY.
8. Every question will carry 1 mark. Negative marking to the extent of 0.2 marks per wrong answer will be applicable.
9. a) For answering the Test questions, there will be CIRCLES in the Answer Sheet. The chosen answer is to be indicated by darkening (encoding) one of the CIRCLES fully. Any other method of answering will be taken as incorrect answer.
  For Example, If 10x+6=106, then 15X -10 will be
. (1) 100 (2)140 (3)110 (4)80 (5) None of the above
  Since correct answer is option (2), the CIRCLE 2 will have to be darkened (encoded) to fill the space completely like this:
  The following are not correct methods of marking:
  b) Darken only in the CIRCLES provided. Please do not make any stray marks on the answer sheet. This will be penalised.
  c) Rough work must not be done on the Answer sheet. This will be penalised. You can use the Test Booklet for this purpose.
  d) Change / Cutting / Overwriting / Erasing of CIRCLES is NOT permitted.


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